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Success Stories

Since Maryland Healthy Weighs was founded, there have been over 1000 people who have participated in one of our in-clinic programs, and many more who have utilized our tools and coaching to lose weight on their own with one of our At Home options. Every one of those individuals comes with a story of why they wanted to lose their weight or get healthier. Some wanted to get fit for their wedding or to be able to take care of a new-born child. Others had knee pains, were on medications, or started the program in wheelchairs and on oxygen tanks. Most just want some extra energy, or to be able to go up and down the stairs without running out of breath. Read a few of their stories here. The program helped these individuals reach their goals, and you can be confident that we will help you, too!

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    Lorenzo’s Story

    In November 2015 I ran into someone who I had not seen in years. Immediately, I was awestruck by how great he looked. I remembered him weighing a lot more.   Read More...

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    Donnie’s Story

    On October 8th 2014, I made one of the best decisions of my life. I decided to begin a weight loss journey at Maryland Healthy Weighs. I had no idea that my life would be taking such a dramatic turn.   Read More...

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    Jim M’s Story

    Walking 200 yards left me winded. My triglyceride level was over 300. The metformin that I was taking to manage my diabetes was at the highest level and my blood sugar still wasn’t well controlled.   Read More...

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    Jim’s Story

    “I am fifty years old and have been over­weight my entire life. I am a sales­man and my job requires me to sit at a desk most of the day. I would get off from work and go home and eat snacks until din­ner was ready, then I would sit on the sofa and watch tele­vi­sion until it was time to go to bed.   Read More...

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    Cindy’s Story

    I am excited that I was able to lose 30 pounds (my goal) in the MHW “at home” program. Better yet, I have kept it off for more than a year now! What I liked best about the program is that was EASY to follow and I never felt hungry.   Read More...

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    Christine’s Story

    I started the HMR Program through Maryland Healthy Weighs in April 2011. I have lost over 50 lbs and one year later I am just shy of my goal. My husband and I spend each summer sailing and I was able to follow the plan while cruising without any difficulty – even without a microwave.   Read More...

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    Debbie’s Story

    As far back as first grade, Debbie’s grandmother was calling her “chubby.”By high school, Debbie had begun what would be the first of many diets. “I tried just about anything you can come up with. Several times, I lost the weight, but as soon as I would get off the diet, I would put it back on.   Read More...

  • Susan’s Story

    Dieting was a roller coaster ride for Susan until she put on the brakes with HMR at Home®, losing 58 pounds in seven months.For years, Susan had been fluctuating between 215 and 150 pounds. Frustrated but hopeful, she turned to HMR.  “The best time to start a diet is now,” says Susan.   Read More...

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    Laina’s Story

    At 270 pounds with her wedding less than a year away, Laina knew she had to do something different. After a lifetime of obesity and failed diets, she was, in her own words, “Desperate. I didn’t want to be a fat bride.”My doctor told me to try the HMR Program.   Read More...

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